When is the election to decide the constitutional amendment?

August 2, 2022

Anti-abortion special interests and extreme politicians forced this constitutional amendment to be on the ballot for the 2022 Primary Election. They know that fewer Kansans are aware of and vote in partisan primaries. It is important that all Kansans vote in this election to protect our constitutional rights, including Independent and unaffiliated voters.

What does the amendment do?

It gives politicians in Topeka the ability to ban abortion.

While the language of the amendment is confusing and mentions numerous topics, the simple fact is that a vote YES on the amendment lets politicians in Topeka make decisions about your healthcare, including abortion. A vote NO preserves your right to make personal healthcare decisions for yourself – free from government interference.

Doesn’t the amendment include exceptions for rape and incest?

The amendment contains NO exceptions. 

The anti-abortion groups behind this amendment have included intentionally misleading language to confuse voters. This amendment gives politicians the power to to ban abortion completely and even eliminate all exceptions.

Who can vote on this amendment in the August election?

Any Kansas voter can participate. That means Independents, Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters can and should all vote on August 2, 2022. And unlike a traditional election where voters are forced to choose between politicians, this amendment gives Kansans the opportunity to vote directly on the issue. Voters can ensure their voice is not only heard but that their community’s rights are protected. 

Register to vote here and vote NO on August 2.

Shouldn’t there be reasonable regulations on abortion?

We all agree that abortion should be regulated like all other medical procedures. And abortion is already heavily regulated in Kansas. 

Extreme anti-abortion politicians and lobbyists supporting this amendment are intentionally trying to deceive and mislead voters. This amendment is unnecessary and goes way beyond reasonable regulation. It lets politicians in Topeka ban abortion completely.

Is it true that abortion can no longer be regulated if the amendment does not pass?

Absolutely NOT. Abortion is already heavily regulated in Kansas. 

Anti-abortion groups are trying to confuse and mislead the voters of Kansas by saying that if the amendment does not pass, there won’t be any regulation of abortion. That is absolutely false.

Won’t Roe v. Wade protect Kansans’ access to abortion?

No. We used to be able to depend on our federal courts to protect our constitutional rights. The balance of the United States Supreme Court has shifted dramatically and they have been chipping away at Roe for years. We need our constitutional rights in Kansas to remain strong.

Who is behind this constitutional amendment?  

The anti-abortion politicians and lobbyists who wrote this amendment have clearly stated that they believe all abortions should be banned, no matter what. They wrote the amendment to be confusing for voters to understand. And they placed it on the August primary ballot because they know fewer Kansans are aware of and vote in partisan primaries. 

This language is confusing. What does it really mean?

Don’t be fooled by confusing language — the intent of this constitutional amendment and the politicians behind it is to ban abortion. Amendments like this one are intentionally designed to confuse and mislead voters because politicians know that voters actually oppose banning abortion completely. 

The reality is that anti-abortion politicians know that limiting access to abortion is unpopular so they exploit voter suppression tactics and confusing and complicated ballot language to get the job done.

Who is involved in Kansans for Constitutional Freedom?

Kansans for Constitutional Freedom (KCF) is a bipartisan coalition of reproductive rights advocates and allied organizations committed to protecting the constitutional rights of Kansans to make personal healthcare decisions free from government interference. 

Partner organizations include: 

  • ACLU of Kansas
  • Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes
  • Trust Women
  • URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity
  • And other organizations that value constitutional rights.